Ganison Atelier Handmade Jewelry

South Chesterfield, Virginia
United States

Ganison Atelier started with a passion for the art of adornment and being creative. I have made jewelry since I was a kid and was always encouraged to keep going with it by family and friends. I remember my first few sales, my first big 'professional' piece, and even my first time at a craft fair trying to sell my wares. The whole journey has been a sacred process where I explore new techniques to express my creativity and love for the art of adornment.

I think jewelry accentuates our individual styles and it enhances our presentation of ourselves to the world. I find it intriguing that jewelry can have its own personality. It can be bold. It can be simple and minimalist. It can be flirtatious or exotic. It can be elegant and much more! Being able to craft something that can be so expressive on its own and also be imbued with meaning by the wearer is very special to me and something I enjoy sharing with others.

I handcraft jewelry using techniques such as wire wrapping and typically work with a variety of metals such as 14kt gold-filled, sterling silver, rose gold-filled, pewter, stainless steel, and high-quality silver and gold plate. For each shipment, it’s not just a unique piece of jewelry that’s carefully wrapped; it’s also my hope that you enjoy your purchase which was made with love and commitment to helping you express your individuality with beautiful adornments!

I work from my home studio in Virginia. When I’m not creating, I am carefully searching for quality gems and components to use in my jewelry. I do not mass-produce items, which lends to the uniqueness of each collection or piece. I also try to support other small businesses like mine that specialize in jewelry supplies.

Thank you so much for reading and I look forward to crafting something special just for you!


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