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November Birthstone: Topaz & Citrine

I can't believe it's already November and I'm so late posting this! (lol)

While it's still here, I'd like to take a minute to discuss November's beautiful birthstones: topaz and citrine. 

Citrine is an alluring stone full of warmth. It is believed to bring the wearer wealth resulting in traditions such as keeping it in cash drawers. In the metaphysical world, citrine is a stone that is believed to increase creativity, offer protection against negative energy, encourage positive attitude in the wearer, and aid in manifesting wealth and abundance. 

Citrine is a variety of crystalline quartz and has high wearability (it's a durable stone) making it perfect for jewelry. The color rangers from soft, pale yellow to a deep reddish-orange. The darker shades of it are usually heat treated smoky quartz or amethyst. It is actually the alternative birthstone for November, with the primary being Topaz which comes in a myriad of colors (the pure form of it is colorless). Just like citrine, it has a high degree of wearability making it perfect for jewelry. Imperial Topaz ranges in color from brown to orange to yellow and it can be mistaken for Smoky Quartz or Citrine despite being from a completely different mineral. 


To celebrate November, a number of pieces have been posted to the shop that feature Citrine, or color palettes inspired by this month's birthstones. 

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Citrine Collection


Thanks for reading! 


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