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Collection Spotlight: Treasure Collection

I have always been fascinated by stories of lost treasures and ancient civilizations. These tales spark something in the imagination and when I discovered one of the latest trends being coin jewelry inspiration immediately set in. I was also curious as to where the trend originated from. I was certain that it wasn't "new" because I have seen gold coin jewelry around for years. 

Coins have been used in art and personal adornments for many years because of their beauty, history, and value. Where jewelry is concerned, Roman rulers were portrayed on coins that were used to show status and allegiance. Traditional jewelry from North Africa and India also used coins heavily in jewelry. Fast-forward to the present and we seem to be embracing the trend even still! 

This inspired the Treasure Collection of jewelry which features gold coin pendants hung from dainty chains. To add some interest to layering, there are briolette pendants available and some pearl pendants too. 

As far as materials, I used 18kt gold-filled, gold stainless steel, and 24kt gold-plated copper. 

I hope you enjoy this new collection handcrafted with love. 



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